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"The Other Side," by Kalamazoo's Kaitlin Rose, displays story-telling at its finest, be it a hushed ballad, a traditional-sounding folk tune or a country-tinted, rollicking jam. Combined with near musical perfection and dynamic, intricate songs, Rose delivers a powerhouse of a debut. Each of the 13 tracks on the record leave her confident vocals free to wander wherever they please, much to the listener's delight." - Ricky Olmos, Local Spins, review of The Other Side. Read the entire review here

"Kaitlin Rose’s music overflows with talent, passion, personality, and (most importantly) soul. She has the songwriting skills and stage presence of a seasoned performer, but the kind of energy and freshness that commands the room. With a smooth, captivating voice and dynamic, powerful guitar playing, Kaitlin’s music is the real deal. In a world full of singer/songwriters, she really stands out to me as a step above most.” - Ian Gorman, recording engineer/producer, La Luna Recording and Sound


“Kaitlin Rose is talented singer and songwriter with a lot of heart. Earthy and original, she commands a room with her velvety vocals, rootsy originals and well chosen cover songs. A modern classic.” - Phil Barry, songwriter/guitarist


"Kaitlin Rose is a beautiful singer/songwriter who continues to bloom into an incredible artist. She is captivating on stage with every performance." – Brian Koenigsknecht, songwriter


“With a seasoned finger-picking style in the time-honored tradition and a husky honey voice that balances between a sultry coo and a fiery wail, Kaitlin Rose is a treasure among the American Folk Greats.” Fiona Dickinson, songwriter


“Kaitlin Rose cannot help but make beautiful sounds and she brings to whatever she tackles not only musicianship, technique and interpretative prowess, but a very special kind of intellectual radiance that quite sets her apart. People want to see musicians sing things that come from their own mind and own heart in real time, responding to the moment for them and Kaitlin Rose does just that.” - Chris Falk, Owner Kalamazoo Music Scene LLC


“Kaitlin Rose is what a singer songwriter should strive to be. Taking her life journeys, Kaitlin finds away to lyrically express even the mundane. Her stage presence, whether acoustic or live, makes you live every  verse.” – Kody Mac, WIN 98.5


“Kaitlin’s music is delivered with both intensity and gentleness. The songs and performances are genuine and heartfelt. It is apparent the subject matter is close to her heart, yet universal. Her vocals stylings have roots of traditional blues and folk from the traditional schools of music (such as Elizabeth Cotton and Joan Baez), performed in the modern context, with shades of Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, and Brandi Carlile).” - Matthew Borr, songwriter/guitarist