Kaitlin has been playing guitar and writing songs since the summer of 2001 after finding her mom's Alvarez in the hallway closet.  By the end of the day she taught herself the theme song to The Godfather, which made her Italian grandmother very proud.

Since then, Kaitlin has recorded four full length solo-albums in various basements and attics of friends and family members including All My Roses, Sentience, The Ideal and Organic Travels. 

In Spring of '13 she recorded a 9 song demo with Ian Gorman at La Luna Studio and released THE OTHER SIDE a full-length record with a backing band, in May, 2015. 

Kaitlin Released coalesce, a four song solo ep in may, '17.

Please visit her YouTube channel to listen in.

Head over to Kaitlin's Bandcamp page to purchase her 2009 Demo and Live at the 2014 Kalamazoo Fretboard Festival. Find The Other Side here